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Welcome to Kalavek Wellness

“Kalavek” is a combination of 2 words Kala (time) + Vek (serenity,tranquility,peace). One of the words of Lord Buddha “No other happiness can compare with tranquility”. 
Kalavek Wellness is a place to get away from everyday stress in life and to refresh your mind and body.

Our Signature Treatments
Hydrotherapy Pool
The pool is designed with nine different stations of water hydrostatic pressure, with the most advanced pool water disinfection system, ultra violet + ozone, and a green design heated pool. Due to its ambient temperature our hydrotherapy pool is also suited to babies and those with lower mobility
Benefits: hydrotherapy can help with a number of ailments including joint, muscular or circulation issues. The warm water helps promote blood flow and supports and stabilizes joints and muscles enabling wider range of movement in a safe setting.
30mins/ 600 baht

Floatation pool
Floating in a huge floatation pool filled with pure magnesium sulfate salts is a deeply relaxing body treatment.
Benefits: it eliminates fatigue and jet lag, improves sleep, diminishes depression and anxiety, increases creativity, problem solving and motivation. Experts say that 30 minutes is equivalent to 4 hours sleep.
30mins/ 600 baht

Color therapy steam bath & Chilled Mist Shower
Experience the concept of color therapy in the steam room. Soothing music and herbal aromas makes this a complete healing therapy. The Chilled Mist Shower makes the cooling down process more pleasant.
Benefits: color therapy helps with deep relaxation, detoxification, relief from muscular ache and pain, improves sleep and creates a calmer spirit. To close your pores after a steam room with cold shower is recommended.
30mins/ 600 baht

Kalavek massage
A special technic that blends Thai tradition and oil massage using sesame oil.
Benefits: this massage will help blood circulation, stress relief, detoxification and you will feel completely relaxed. Sesame oil contains high levels of natural antioxidants and vitamin E that helps keep your skin strong and supple.
60mins/ 1,500 baht
90mins/ 2,000 baht

Stress relief massage + Thai Herbal Compress Massage
Stretching with Thai massage + hot compress to relieve tension, aches and fatigue caused by office syndrome.
60 mns/ 800
90 mns/ 1,200
120mins/ 1,500 baht

Foot Soak Scrub & Reflexology
To ease discomfort, open energy pathways and create a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.
60mins/ 500 baht

24 Karat gold facial massage
This treatment's use of 'Gold' follows a strong historical tradition.Many Chinese empresses supposedly used gold rollers to massage their faces and it is said that CLEOPATHRA slept in a gold mask every night. Using the highest grade of gold leaf this procedure will result in firmer, brighter and moresupple skin. How does it work? The skin rejects the gold because it is a foreign object and in order to do that it builds new cells, as a result, it firms and tightens the skin, banishing wrinkles.
60mins/ 3,000baht

Rejuvenating facial massage
60 minutes of age-old traditional Thai facial using blended fresh fruit and herbs. These natural ingredients (fresh fruit full of vitamin E) will refresh the skin, promote new cell growth and make your skin look younger. The proper technique can result in firmer, more elastic skin that will also look smoother by filling out wrinkles and lines.
60mins/ 1,500 baht

Half day Spa
Begin with 30 minute body steam to detoxify your body + 45 minute body scrub + 60 minute relaxing kalavek massage + Hair set and mixed fruit plate.
3.30 hrs/ 3,500 baht

One day Spa
30 minute Color steam & Chilled mist shower + 30 minute Hydropool + 30 minute Floatation pool+ 60 minute Kalavek massage + 60 minute facial massage. This package includes healthy lunch + Hair set
5.30 hrs/ 5,000 baht

Spa party
Spa parties are the perfect way to celebrate with friends, colleagues, whether it's a birthday party, bachelor party or a pampering corporate events at out Kalavek wellness. We can help you to organize a memorable time together.

Contact Details
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
Hours: 12.00 - 21.00 hrs.
Phone: 66 2 3669500-5

19 Soi Lasalle 33, Sukhumvit 105 , Bangna , Bangkok 10260 Thailand
Tel : 02 095-2770 | Fax : 02 095-2769